Thursday, May 04, 2006


More than once I've been unable to get on a bus because I've been pushing a child in a buggy. On one occassion the driver clearly saw me folding the buggy up, ready to get on a bus, and pulled away. I heard a passenger (already on the bus, who'd seen me struggling) call to the driver to wait - but he deliberately drove off.


Blogger Rachel said...

The buses here are so outdated and cannot cope with the needs of the public. In London I can hop on and off a bus without having to collapse the buggy here it is a nightmare.

For example on my first trip out with my daughter I managed to get on the 89 fine from Bedminster but when I got into town and had to change bus - I was trying to get to Mothercare in Eastville - I could not get on any bus without having to collapse the buggy. I didn't have enough pairs of hands to do this and every time a bus came along no one would help and the driver would not wait. In the end I had to phone my partner to come and meet me and help. Not a great way to try and get people to use the bus instead of drive.

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