Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Just posted a message on a BBC message board about the buses in Bristol.
(Welcome if you've joined us from there.)

As on other chat pages, so many people seem to be unhappy with the state of Bristol's bus service.

The idea of this weblog is to collect stories and anecdotes. (It isn't really a place for straightforward grumbling about, or praising of, the quality of the service.)

So if you recall any surprising, extraordinary, astonishing, funny, appalling or delightful happenings whilst on, or waiting for, a Bristol bus... please add your story, by using the comments button below.

The best stories will be re-published on the main Bristol Bus Stories front page. And together they should provide an entertaining picture of Bristol's bus using experience.


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Blogger STAN said...

On one occasion I was waiting at the UWE busstop and loads of students were getting on.

We are not suppose to allow standing passengers on the X84, as it goes on the motorway. It was not time to leave yet and they just kept piling on as the previous bus did not pitch(yes we drivers hate that too, it puts a lot of extra pressure on us).

I was driving one of the single decker linx busses- very old and withoud ABS. It was raining and I pulled away very nervous about the standing passengers on my X84.

On the motorway I was going almost 50m/h just taking the final corner into the straight leading into Broadmead, just before the last offramp onto the M32 leading into the city, with st. pauls leisure centre to the right and almost 1k away, when I saw the static traffic in front of me.

I immediately applied the brakes and tried to guide the bus into the hard shoulder to avoid crashing into the static car last in the queue.

The backside of the bus started slipping and I was basically broadsiding all the lanes of the M32. I counter steared and the bus pulled straight and stopped literally inches from the last car in the queue.

Instantly everone on board were applauding with comments of "fantastic driving skills drive" And when one girl got off at broadmead: "thanks for not killing us drive"

My driving developed on a farm in South Africa on wet dirt roads, but skill was the last thing on my mind that day.It was a miracle the other lanes were empty and that I regained control of the old bus.

I was very shocked and almost couldn't get a word out. But I had to finish my duty and after 3 or 4 hours one of my collueges still remarked: "why so white mate?" I just shook my head. Definately one for the grand children: "when grandpa was driving buses in England" HAHAHAHA!

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