Friday, June 23, 2006

Bus sto...o...o...o...op

Stopping for ages at bus stops without explanation.
Worst ever this morning.

Not just in one place. We stopped for a long time at virtually every other bus stop down Filton Avenue.

One or two people get on. They sit down. And the bus doesn't pull away for another couple of minutes. (At least they don't get thrown to the ground as the bus lurches into action before they've sat down.)

I'm guessing the drivers do this to make sure the buses aren't running ahead of schedule.
But I also guess the timetables are written with bags of slack - so that when the traffic is heavy they're still "on time".

Why do they keep the timings the same for buses in the rush hour and buses at quieter times? Just means that when the roads are clear, and passengers have the opportunity to sail in and out of town, we still have to trundle along in a bus-company-generated invisible imaginary traffic jam.


Blogger shabba said...

I am a bus driver in London and the reason we get the same " running times" during the day and evenings is ... because its to do with frequency. Yes I agree it appears stupid . I know that a journey I do at 18.45 hours ,I will be late ( traffic) do the same journey at 21.45 and have to drive like a snail and yes sit at bus stops ,but there is no way we can drive to please everyone .

4:13 am  
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Blogger STAN said...

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Blogger STAN said...

I used to be a bus driver in Bristol for 2 years, and these issues were prevelant while I was driving too. Jan2004- jan2006.I am South African and I really enjoyed the experience, the good and the bad. The worst parts I remember was when I was stuck in traffic and already tense, some passengers would get on and let rip with comments and sometimes insults about the buses being late. You try to smile and explain, then the next person gets on with the same complaints and so on and so forth. After the 10th complaint in a row you stop smiling and just nod and presto, now you're a rude bus driver. You are also told by bosses not to be early. So you have to wait at stops for loooonngg minutes while everybody onboard gets agitated and there's nothing you can do about it. You could get sacked for being early and pleasing the people on board. There's just no winning if you are a driver. You just shut your ears and try to do the best you can. Most Bristolians are wonderful people though. Very friendly and helpfull, (they helped me alot when I was a new driver and got lost in the countless roundabouts in Bradley Stoke). One woman told me she had a return but lost it. Something told me this one was not taking a chance and I told her to sit down, while keeping my finger on the issue button for if I should come across an inspector while she is still on the bus. When she got off she thanked me for believing her and gave me a giant toblerone bar worth 4 times what a single ticket to her destination would have cost her. I was amazed, and thankful for a huge snack - I still had a significant part of my late shift left! Lovely people. Dispite all the unpleasant stuff I would do it all over again.Even facing the boys at Locklease throwing cakeflower at me and eggs at halloween! Busdriving paid for most of my studies! I love Bristol and am going to visit again for sure.

3:24 pm  

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